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Did you know that insurance, on average, only pays about 60-70% of our office charges, even with your copay?

Services Available at Rainsville Family Practice, LLC

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Problems treated in our office include:

Acute illness (upper respiratory illnesses, gastroenteritis, UTI, etc.)

Health screening services

Complete physicals including PAP smears, sports physicals, pre-employment physicals, and DOT/CDL physicals ('Certified Medical Examiner')

Workplace injuries and drug screens (with prior notification)

Chronic medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, and much more)

Sports injuries

Minor sprains and fractures

Pediatric medical problems and check-ups

Minor skin surgery and biopsies

Repair of minor lacerations

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A few of our available tests and procedures


Holter Monitoring

TB Skin Test

Simple Casting and Splinting


Basic Lab Tests

Liquid Nitrogen/Cryotherapy

Vision Screening



Ear Irrigation

Nail Removal

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Hospital Care

Dr. Horton currently utilizes the 'hospitalist' service at Dekalb Regional Hospital for patients requiring inpatient care.

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Nursing Home Care And Home Health

Dr. Horton does not currently follow patients in the nursing home, but he works with several local home health agencies to assist in home care.

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