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Announcing the transition to Healthfusion Meditouch Electronic Medical Records


As many of you know, Dr. Horton was an "early adopter" of electronic health records, utilizing this technology as far back as 1993. We were well served by our system, QD Clinical, for many years. However, the world of health information is changing like everything else. So, we have decided to upgrade in order to serve you better.

What is new?

The basic function of the electronic medical record (EMR) will remain the same. Charting and storage of your health information will still be done electronically. The major difference you will see is increased convenience and access to your information via a patient portal. This is a secure site where you may review information contained in your chart such as medications, allergies, past medical history, and lab results. You will also be able to update information such as medication changes made by other physicians or update health maintenance items such as the date of your last eye exam, for example. We strongly encourage you to use this tool to help keep your chart current.

This is the location: YourHealthFile

This portal can also be use to request appointments, request refills, and to use secure email to contact Dr. Horton and his staff. You can even use it to view and pay your bill.

When will this happen?

As you might imagine, this is a major undertaking and will require weeks, if not months to be fully functional. We plan to begin implementation and transition on Monday, May 15, 2016. We appreciate you patience as we work through the process. If all goes as we hope, you will be very pleased with the ultimate result.

How can I access this "portal"?

The portal requires activation through our office, and it is restricted to current patients. If you are already enrolled in our practice, just call, and ask us to activate it for you. We will send an email with instructions on how to begin using the portal. If you do not have email, we can generate written instructions for you to pick up. If you are not a current patient, but you plan on joining our medical family, then contact our office, and we can get you set up in our system.


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