Thomas L. Horton, MD

Board Certified Family Physician

421 Medical Center Drive, Fort Payne, AL 35968

(Rainsville Family Practice)

Our office is now officially closed.

Dekalb Regional Medical Center has assumed custody of our medical records and has agreed to provide continuity of care for all of our patients by transferring any currently scheduled appointments to one of their physicians. If you need a copy of your records or need to schedule an appointment to see a physician, please contact Dekalb Regional Medical Center.

It has been a distinct privilege to serve so many wonderful patients for so long, and closing the practice really does produce a sense of grief for me. You really are like family. However, the simple truth is that I have reached a stage of life where I must make changes to assure a more secure future for my wife and myself. In keeping with this goal, I have not fully retired, but I have accepted a clinic director position in a very different environment which should allow me to work many more years. I do not think my current practice model would allow this to happen.

"Thank You!" for the honor of serving you. I will miss you.

Thomas L. Horton, MD

[email protected]
Last update: 1/17/2020